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LIC Funny Shayari SMS

Arz kiya hai..
LIC wale bhi ghazab dhate hai,
Wah wah
LIC wale bhi ghazab dhate hai,
Logon ki biwiyon ke paas ghanton baithke,
Unke husband ke Marne ke fayde batate hai.

Roz roz weight napkar kya karna hai

Arz hai-
Roz roz weight napkar kya karna hai,
ek din to sabne marna hai
char din ki h zindagi,
kha lo jee bhar ke,
Agle janam to phir 3 kilo se hi start karna hai.

When you Breathe, You Respire SMS

When U Breathe, U Respire.
Wah wah

When U Breathe, U Respire !
Wah wah kya baat hai

When u Don’t Breathe, U Expire.
Subhanallah.. Maar hi daala..!! :D

Dharam-Patni Funny SMS

Dharam Pita.. not real father.

Dharam Maa.. not real mother.

Dharam Putra.. not real son.

Dharam Bhai.. not real brother.

Dharam Behan.. not real Sister.

But &
Why this zabardast mistake happened

Dudh Aur Ladki me Kya Fark Hai!!

Dudh Aur Ladki Me Kya Fark Hai!!




Dudh Garam Hota Hai
Mallai Uppar Aati Hai
Or Ladki Garam Ho
To Mallai Niche Aati Hai

Pati to patni: Are sunti ho!

PATI: Are sunti ho!
Seene ke safed baal dikhane par
mujhe senior citizen pension mil gayi !

PATNI: Zip khol ke dikha dete to
VIKLAANG Bhatta bhi mil jata.. :D

Son to Dad: Papa, Mein itna bada

Son to Dad: Papa, Mein itna bada kab hounga ki
mein mummy se bina puche bahar ja saku?

Papa: Beta abhi itna bada to mein bhi nahi hua!!!

Student: Teacher main baap kaise banunga??

Student: Teacher main baap kaise banunga..??
Teacher: Ek pari aasman se aayegi aur
tumhari wife ko baby de degi..

Student: Toh maine leni kis ki hai, Wife ki ya pari ki…??

Woman has the most unique character like salt

Woman has the most unique character like salt
Her presence is never remembered but
Her absence makes all the things tasteless !!
Dedicated all the ladies..

Why we break a coconut when we go to a temple?

Wonderful message..
Do you know why we break a coconut when we go to a temple?
Its the process of breaking the coconut which we have to imbibe within ourselves.
You first tear away the husk from the coconut.
That husk is your wishes, desires. You need to leave it.
Then comes the hard shell.. that’s the ego. You need to break that.
What flows out is water.. which is all things which are negative inside you flows out.
Left behind is the coconut pure white.. that is the soul.
So you connect with the almighty in your purest form which is the soul.
God bless..


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