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What A Nice definition of Today, Cool SMS

What A Nice definition of TODAY.
T – This is an
O – Opportunity to
D – Do
A – A work, better than
Y – Yesterday..


Never Miss 3 Gifts in your Life, Cool SMS

Never Miss 3 Gifts in your Life
1. Life partner: God ka diya hua gift
2. Parents: Gift me aaye hue GOD
3. Friends: GOD ko bhi nahi milne wala gift
A Superb Message conveying life..!!

What is Real Relationship?, Cool SMS

Yuo konw waht is Rael Reltionship?
I m gving yuo an exmpl:
Jsut c tihs msg. Evrey splleing of tihs msg is wrnog.
Bt sitll yuo cain raed it wihtuot ayn mistake.
if u wnat true Raleti0nship,
jsut ignoer mistaeks of otheres.. and understand them..!!

Dont be much closer to anyone, Cool SMS

Don’t be much closer to anyone
Bcz a small change in their behavior Hurts a lott !

Excellent Inspiring Message, Cool SMS

Excellent Inspiring Message:

A Businessman who lost everything in a fire
placed a Sign Board:

Everything burnt but luckily
faith & confidence
Business starts tomorrow.
Superb Attitude for Life!

Unbelievable fact!!, Cool SMS

Unbelievable fact!!
Our body is full of water but wherever it hurts, BLOOD comes out.
& Our heart is full of blood but whenever it hurts,
TEARS comes out..

If we sleep on flowers, Cool SMS

If we sleep on flowers,
Its called our First Night,
If flowers sleep on us,
Its called our Last Night.
Reality of life.

A new way of proposing., Cool SMS

A new way of proposing..

Boy: Is Your Name Google?

Girl: No! Why?

Boy: Cause U Got Everything I Am Searching 4.

Monsoon Season SMS, Cool SMS

Barish is a wonderful opportunity
To love
To care
To share
To enjoy
To thanks god for all his blessings..
we receive Wish u happy MONSOON season.

Smile is not a word, its a beautiful sentence, Cool SMS

SMILE is not a word, its a beautiful sentence..
S- Speak
M- More
I- In
L- Less
E- Energy..
So always keep smiling & be happy!!
Good Morning..