Banta apna mobile

A Girl Romantically said to a santa:
Do U want to see the place
where they did Apendix Operation to me?
santa: No, I hate Hospitals.
Santa Singh: Will this bus take me to Jalandhar?
Driver: Which part?
Santa Singh: All of me, of course!
Santa is so rich he has two swimming pools,
one of which is always empty?
It”s for people who can”t swim!
Santa had called an Englishman for lunch.
There was curd on the table.
The guest asked what is this?
santa didn’t know English,
he said “Milk sleeping in night,
morning becomes tight”
Banta apna mobile samundar ke
pani me phekakar bolta hai,
“Aja, upar aja”.
His friend asked,
“Pani me se upar kaise ayega?”.
banta- Kyo nahi ayega, DOLPHIN hai.