Buddha Purnima SMS Wishes, Buddha Jayanti Messages

May Lord Buddha’s preachings for
right conduct,
right motive,
right speech,
right resolve,
right livelihood,
right attention and
right meditation..
help us to eradicate evil and suffering from this world.
Happy Buddha Jayanti.

Let your spirit fill with non-violence & Truth
Happy Buddha Jayanti

May lord Buddha destroys all sins and obstacles of your life
Happy Buddha Jayanti.

May Lord Buddha enlighten you on the path of love, peace and truth.
Happy Buddha Purnima!!

May the teachings of Lord Buddha guide you always..
Happy Buddha Purnima!!

Jivan ko apne sarthak banao
Prabhu ke dhyan me man ko ramao
Buddh Poornima ki Shubhakamnaye!

Shanti aur ahinsa ke dut bhagvan budha ko naman
Buddh Poornima Ki Shubhkamnaye !!!

You may gather knowledge and money and prestige and power,
but if have missed love then you have missed the real door.
Happy Buddha Purnima

Gautam Bhudda, the Light of Asia,
his message has traveled far and
wide and captured the hearts and
minds of billions of people in the world.
Happy Buddha Jayanti.

We live in illusion and the appearance of things.
There is a reality,
We are that reality,
When you understand this,
you see that you are nothing,
and being nothing,
you are everything.
That is all.
Happy Buddha Purnima.