Funny SMS Joke, Cute to me bachpan se hi hu

क्यूट तो मे ‪‎बचपन‬ से ही हू..



जब पैदा हुआ तब मम्मी को तो क्या, mind
नसॅ को भी‪ ‎मजबूर‬ कर दिया था चुम्मी लेने को..!! 😀

In a Nursery School Canteen

Very sweet msg..

In a Nursery School Canteen, mind there’s a basket of apples with a notice written over it:

‘Do not take more than one, God is watching’

On d other counter there’s a box of chocolates,
A small child went & wrote on it.
‘Take as many as U want, God is busy watching d apples’.
NEVER ACT SMART WITH today’s generation..!!

Innocent Joke of The Year

Innocent Joke of The Year

Kid to his Mom: Mumma.. Main kaise paida hua..

Mom: Maine ek box me mitti daal kar rakh di thi, visit web kuch din baad uss mein se tum mile mujhe.

Kid did the same thing…

Jab Kuch din baad usne jaa kar dekha to usme 1 Cockroach tha..

kid (Gussey se) : Dil to karta hai ki tujhe goli maar du..

Par kya karu.. Aaulad hai tu meri…!!

In a school function

In a school function
A K.G boy started closing his ears with both hnds, buy
When girl was about to start her speech …
Others asked him Why r you closing your ears?

He replied: Dude, patient She is my Girlfriend
n She is gonna start her speech with
My Dear
Brothers n Sisters .. 🙄

Papa- Whom u like more muma or papa?

Papa- Whom u like more muma or papa?
Kid- Both
Papa- No tell me 1?
Kid- Both
Papa- If i go to America & Ur mother go to Paris.. Whr will u go?
Kid- Paris
Papa- It means u like ur mother?
Kid- No, medications coz paris is beautiful than America
Papa- If i go to paris & Ur mother goes to america so Whr will u go?
Kid- America
Papa- why?
Kid- Paris to ghum aaye na papa
Papa- Jaa be Maa key Chamche jaa school jaa! 😀