Love SMS Messages, Best relations

Best relations
don’t need terms conditions n promises,
They need only two wonderful people,
one who can trust n other who can understand.

Love SMS, Ever Since YOU Came Into My Life

Ever Since YOU Came Into My Life,
I Am A Different Person Now.
I Smile More,
Laugh More
Feel So Loved.
Because Of YOU.

Love You SMS Message, Everybody says I Love You

Everybody says ‘I ‘
Is the best sentence in whole world..

I believe that ..
‘I Love you too’ is the Best…
Because Many Gets To hear the first
one But only few gets to hear the second one…!!

Buddha SMS Messages, Difference Like & Love

What is the difference between
I like you
I love you.

Beautifully answered by Buddha:

Buddha’s answer was so simple:
When u like a flower, u just pluck it.
But when u love a flower, u water it daily..!

One who understand this, understands life.