3 men were drunk & they stopped a taxi

3 men were drunk & they stopped a taxi. The taxi driver figured they r not in their minds, so he just switched on the engine n switched it off n told them “We arrived”. the first man gave him money. the second man said thank u. & the third slapped him !

the taxi driver got surprised 😐

Hoping none of them realized the car didn’t move an inch “What was that for ?”

Msg for the true lover

Msg for the true lover…
BF & GF played a game..
They’ll write whatever they want to change in each other..
after 1 hr, they finished their work.
The boy’s eyes filled with tear reading the 7pgs of her GF ;(
then his GF started crying bcoz her bf only wrote:
“I want to change ur surname to mine”!

Accept the 1 u love,
The way they r..
Good night n Sweet dreams