Spring SMS Wishes & Quotes, Spring Season

Winter Has Gone
Spring Is Coming
So Let Leaves The Worries
Put Them Aside.
Laugh Out Loud And Smile Wide.
Let Others Listen Your Cackles.
Enjoy Life’s Ride.
A New Season Has Begun,
let Happiness Guide.
A Poem Just To Wish U
A Very Very Happy New Season
Happy Spring Season

The spring is spreading its charm and
every tree is waking up to its splendor.
Wishing you a very happy spring and a lovely year ahead.
Happy Spring Day

The days of new hope and beginning are here. Let’s come together to celebrate spring.

The air is as light as the frail wings of butterflies marking the beginning of a wonderful spring. May your life, too, be filled with blessings and joy!
Happy Spring Festival

Wake up to this beautiful morning
of spring with a heart filled with new hope.
Wishing you a brilliant season.

As the spring has arrived,
we have prepared ourselves to enjoy the bright sun,
warm air and lush green grass.
Spring is the time to renew your hopes.

May your love bloom like the spring flowers – colorful and fragrant.

The world is bright with colors as the spring has arrived.
Wish you a very happy springtime!

Wish you a very cheerful spring. May it fill your life with love and laughter!

It’s time to go out and soak in the brilliant sun.
The fun days are about to begin
Blossom by blossom the spring has come.

Spring has painted everything in a fresh coat of color.
May your soul, too, bask in the glory of nature’s abundance!

With the arrival of spring, the world awakens to the brilliance of nature.
It revives us all with its warm and cheerful ways.

Spring breathes a new life into us. Wish you a very happy spring.

Greetings on the spring equinox. May you have a blissful time!

The beauty of spring is the wildflower that covers the earth in a rainbow colored carpet. Enjoy the magic!

No Smoking Day SMS Messages Quotes

Are You Smoking the Tobacco,
or The Tobacco Smoking You?
No Smoking Day..
Please Love Your Life and Don’t Smoke..

Make your choice, Your choice

It’s your life,

Live it or Burn it?
HAPPY No Smoking day..!!!

The Great PHILOSOPHY from
A Passionate Smoker:
I Always Think of Leaving Cigarette But
for Thinking I Need A Cigarette..!!!

I Was A Smoker!!!
Once I Read Smoking Is Injurious To Health
I QUIT Smoking..
I Used To Drink WINE
I Read.. WINE Is Bad For Health
I Left Drinking..
I LOVE Someone
Once I Read.. Love Is An Illusion
You Know What I Did?
I Left Reading!
N Again Start Smoking…

A young boy was smoking..an young generation
elderly man approached him,
sat besides him and said..
Boy: Smoking is not good for you at dis age
BOY: My grandfather lived for 110years!
Man: Did he smoke in his life??
Boy: No, but he minded his own business..!

Basant Panchami SMS Wishes

Spring is in air Fresh blossoms everywhere.
Sending you my warm greetings on the
auspicious occasion of Vasant Panchami!

Saahas Sheel Hriday Mein Bhar De
Jeevan Tyaag Tapomar Kar De,
Sanyam Satya Sneh Ka Var De
Maa Sarswati Aapke Jivan Mein Ullas Bhar De
Happy Basant Panchami

May you be bestowed with
knowledge and wisdom,
Have a Blessed Vasant Panchami!

May you rise each texting day
with fully charged cell phone
in your hand, inspiring message
in your mind, me in your heart,
and a clear signal all day long.
Nice Basant Panchami day!

No greeting card to give,
No sweet flowers to send,
No cute graphics to forward,
Just a carrying heart wishing u
Happy Basant Panchami.

On this day Goddess Saraswati
is worshiped in various names
and Fames, Badal, Arts and Science,
and Deep, Supreme knowledge.
Happy Basant Panchami.

Basant Panchami SMS Hindi Wishes, Saraswati Puja

Maa Saraswati aapko sadaiv,
good thought pradan karti rahe..
Maa Saraswati ki blessing aap par sada rahe

Peele peele sarson ke phool,
peeli ude patang,
rang barse peela aur chhaye sarson si umang.
Aapke jeevan main rahe sadaa Basant ke rang.
Happy Basant Panchami.

Saraswati Puja ka ye pyara tyohar,
Jeewan me layega khushi apaar,
Saraswati viraje aapke dwar,
Shubh kaamna hamari kare sweekar.