Chaand to nikla hai magar

R we friends or r we not u told me once but
i 4got 4 all da friends i’v eva met ur da 1
won’t 4get n if i die b4 u do i’ll go 2 heaven n wait 4 u. xXx
nice friends,
well…Enough about ME!
How about you?
The moment I first saw you,
you warmed my heart,
the second time you made little flames
and now you make my heart burn like hell !
I must have been born under a lucky star,
to find a friend as nice as you are,
and I will follow the rainbow until the end,
if you promis forever to be my friend!
Why Mahendra Singh Dhoni has no girlfriend?….
he drinks 2 litre of milk daily
Maine puchha chand se
“dekha hai kahin mere yaar sa hasin”,
chand ne kaha
“saale itni upar se dikhta hai kya”
Chaand to nikla hai magar yeh raat na hai pehli si,
Yeh mulaaqaat, mulaaqaat na hai pehli si,
Ranjh kuchh kum to hua aaj teray milne se,
Yeh alag baat ke yeh baat na hai pehli si