EveRyDay I seE LoTs oF StRangErS

Doctor’s prescription 4 u.
A cute little smile 4 breakfast.
More laughs 4 lunch.
Lots of happiness for dinner.
Doctor”s fee? An sms when u r free.
I met U as a stranger, page
I leave U as a friend, this site
as long as the world stands,
our friendship nv ends.
All friends nv split N
even if they do they will meet again.
I always thought loving some 1 was the greatest feeling, dosage
but I realised tat loving a friend is even better,
we lose ppl we love but we never lose true friends.
EveRyDay I seE LoTs oF StRangErS PasSiNg By mE, pharmacy
ThiS mAkeS mE reAlisED tHat,
LifE woUlD be BORING,
WiThoUt A FriEnD LiKE U…