I can buy gifts but not LOVE

True bravery is 2 arrive home…..
fully drunk……a latenight out…..
&& mom waiting with a jhadu and u ask:
“hey mom, abhi tak safai kar rahi ho”
Let me draw ur face!
Dont move!
Nearly finished,
ok Done!
Wanna look
(@[email protected])
Hi main marjava, Kitney soney ho tusy!
Watching on Monday,
friendship on Tuesday,
Love on Wednesday,
Wedding on thursday,
fighting on friday,
Divorse on Saturday,
Rest on Sunday,
Next on Monday
I can buy gifts but not LOVE,
i cn pretend 2Smile,
but not 2b HAPPY.
I cn lie 2others,
but nt 2u.
I do have many brothers…
but none as SWEET as you.