I don’t care how many

barsat mein ham pani ban k baras jainge…
patjhar mein ham phol ban k jhar jainge…
kia hua jo aaj aap ko tang karte hain…
ek din aap ko bin bataye hi chalay jainge.
U want & u get, prostate
that’s luck, link
U want & u wait,
that’s time.
U want but u compromise,
that’s life.
And U want & u wait
& u don’t compromise that’s LOVE.
Feelings are many but words are few, approved
clouds are dark but sky is blue;
Luv is a paper, life is glue,
every thing is false,
only My Luv is TRUE
I don’t care how many lips u’ve kissed, capsule
how many shoulders u’ve embraced
& how many times u’ve said, I Luv U!
All I care is not be the first but to be ur last!