Anokhi Shayari

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Mohbbt is a form of poetry in which the words are formed into lines and repeated several times. It is very popular in the Muslim community. It is written by the Muslim women and it is often used in celebrations, weddings and other important events. It can be a very sad, but also uplifting and beautiful piece of poetry.

The story starts when Anokhi’s father fixes her marriage with Monty, an orthodox alcoholic. The in-laws allow her to continue her studies in Toronto, but Anokhi overhears Monty discussing women and reveals that he calls them glorified servants. She begs her father to stop the marriage. Rama and Anokhi finally convince Anokhi to break the engagement and she escapes to Aastha’s house.

Another way to find anokhi shayari is to download an application. Anokhi Shayari apps are available on Android and iOS devices, and they can include all the pyaar, ettiittyuudd, and dhaagaayrii.