What’s the Difference Between Real and Fake Friends?

What’s the Difference Between Real and Fake Friends? photo 0 Info

There’s a difference between real and fake friends. True friends accept you for who you are, regardless of your flaws. False friends, on the other hand, judge you and use your friendship level as a way to look good. Fake friends are often out for their own self-interest or reputation, and will never accept you for who you really are.

Moreover, fake friends aren’t concerned with your needs or wants. A real friend would always prioritize your needs. The fake friend will just be busy making their own needs a priority, which makes them a poor friend. On the other hand, a real friend would always be ready to cater to both your needs and those of their friend.

True friends are available when you need them the most. Fake friends make excuses to avoid you when things are difficult. They will only come back to you once things get back to normal. False friends are prone to criticize and will hold you back even if you are doing great.

While real friends will call you when you need them, fake friends only call you when you are ready to talk. They may call because you’re not available for someone else, but that doesn’t mean they’re really interested in you.