Chocolate Day SMS Jokes & Wishes

My mouth is full of Oreo, order
Ice cream..
& Cool Whip..
so I just nod.
Happy Chocolate Day 2u ..

All u need is love.
But a little chocolate
now & den doz not heart.
Happy Chocolate Day..

You know an odd feeling..
Sitting on the toilet
eating a chocolate candy bar..
Happy chocolate Day

I want u to retain ur sweetness
like the most precious chocolate.
I don’t want 2 lose u in my life.
Always stay with me.
Happy Chocolate Day 2015..

Life is like a chocolate box..??
How ???
Coz Each chocolate is like a portion of life.
Some are crunchy & some r nutty, page ,
Some r soft.. But all r delicious
Happy Chocolate Day

Simply put
everyone has a price,
mine is chocolate!
So You wana kiss…
Then Come with chocolate!..
Dont forget Day