Santa Singh SMS Joke, Santa Singh of IIN

4 Students:
1 of TEXAS
Santa Singh of IIN

1 Common Question:-
What is the Fastest thing in the World?

Student of HARVARD: Light

Student of OXFORD: Thought

Student of TEXAS: Blink of an Eye

SANTA SINGH of IIN: Loose Motion!


Last Night I Was Lying On My Bed & Before I Could
‘Blink’, recipe ‘Think’ or ‘Turn on the Light’,
It was all Over..

Harvard / Oxford / Texas Shocked .. IIN Rocked..!!! πŸ˜†

Bank officers interview SMS Jokes, IIN

Question during bank officers interview:
What are mutual funds.?

Sir, approved Mutual funds are subject to market risks.
Read the offer documents carefully before investing ..!

Interviewer (with shoe in his hand) :
Bahar nikal saale ..
IIN waala hai Naa tuh..??

Funny SMS Joke, IIN Institute

Ek Ladki nayi nayi English Sikh rahi thi
Ladki: jaanu .. please apple my new number.
Ladka: confused and ask.. what??
Ladki: mera number apple karlo na jaldi..
Ladka: are par apple to seb hota he.
Ladki: mere jaanu me bhi to yahi keh
rahi hu k mera number phone me seb karlo.
Ladka behosh …
Coaching institute: IIN πŸ˜€